Monday, November 23, 2009

it should be bad luck!

it should be decided it that it is BAD LUCK! to christmas shop befor thanksgiving . . .

but when i think about it . . . the only lucky people are the ones who get it all done befor black friday.

this weak i have done most of the groshrie shopping that will put us into most of next month. and i have done some light christmas shoping.

i mentioned once here in this blog that i have a sister who is quite a photo enthusiest? and a very talented on at that. well the thing about a creative itch ? is that loved ones like to help you scratch it. i figured she would like to maybe play with diffrent mediums in this area. at first i was trying to find her a fish eye lens to go on her camera or maybe one with a bit more zoom ? uhh unfortunitaly i cant afford that ! i cant even afford to want to do that. so i decided just to look for maybe a cool vintage camera . . . and i had no luck finding one decently priced that for sure i strated looking at reproductions and then fizzled out on that too cause a really intresting one was still gona set me back a bit . . . then !!!!!!!! out of total luck ! i found a girl on a garage sale site selling a "lot" of antique? vintage cameras ! PERFECT !!!!!! and she was selling 12-18 month baby girl clothes! could not have worked out better!!!! any who i wish i could post photos but i dont want to spoil the suprise for her to much

Saturday, November 21, 2009

i would right a book

but the problem is . . . . . . i can't hold a thought long enough to get it down on paper.

that and i havent lived enough.

maybe ill keep a diry or somthing maybe . . . .

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

apple pie bites - Yumm!

OK so i guess they are more like tarts ?
but they taste like an apple pie to me !
this makes allot !
i used mini cupcake tins and i got about 34

one box of rolled dough pie crust <--- box should have two crusts u will need both 4-5 generous cups diced golden delicious apples 2 1/2 brown sugar 1/2 cup golden raisins 2 tablespoons ground cinnamon,2 teaspoons ground cloves, 1 sick butter,1/4th a cup all-purpose flour give or take

In a large skillet, cook the apples, brown sugar, raisins, cinnamon and ground cloves in butter over medium heat until tender. Stir in flour until blended. Bring to a boil; cook and stir for 1 minute or until thickened

Cut pie crust dough into circles/ and then turn them into little cups by pushing them into a greased muffin tin then fill cups with apple mixture and bake in the oven for 30-45 minutes at 350 or till it looks done.
then set out to cool <3
i wanted to bring something to PWOC for program day.

and was looking for somthing to make that would be easy and apples are in season and i happen to have allot of them and then i also had some frozen dough pie crust in the freezer.
i always find that bite size things are more fun to eat the only danger is that you wind up eating more than u wanted to cause small things have a tendency to seem harmless . . . especially small things in food form

pwoc and occ <3 <3 <3

so today at PWOC, (a womans bible study i attend on the millitary post) we had our "program day". we sang our praise and worship songs chatted a little bit and then started our out reach project.

witch this year is !!!!!! OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD !!!!!! <-- i actualy think we do a few but this one is a favorite

its done by samaritans purse.

and if u go to the web site and check it out a little bit you will learn more.

i would go into detail but i doubt i would even do this cause any justice considering how many lifes its touched and the joy it has brought so many children and adults alike.

i have partisipated in operation christmas child befor mostly when i was younger and it was really alot of fun and somthing you could do with your kids to teach them about giving and what it does for others and what it does for you and how that relates to jesus his love for us.
any way after we were done and all out of things to fill the shoe boxes with there, some of us tool the boxes that were empty to fill them up if we wanted to by our selves with our famlies
my oldest daughter was soo excited when i brought the boxes home, we got right too going threw all sorts of stuff around the house that we havent used and then i went out yesterday and purchased a few more things than i had the day befor.

like unopend tooth brushes and tooth paste, little notebooks and boxes of crans and pens, stufft animals and playing cards, dollies, hair brushes stickers instrements, books socks gloves hats candy, <--- just a FEW examples. im really excited to go with gabby and drop our boxes off

not the best pic of our shoe boxes

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

baby bannanna Boo

OHHH my goodness! i can hardly bealive it ! my second child is a year old! its wild, i feel like im still getting to know her a little more every day!!!!
and now she is a whole year old
shes learning to clap, play peekaboo, point,and shes starting to vocalize . . . she talks and talks and talks you cant understand any thing she says but shes talking im sure . she plays with her big sister alot, and loves to get ahold of her "my little pony's". she isnt walking yet but she has a while to learn still . i will really have my hands full then.
she is practialy best friends with mollie our miniture schnauzer
and i have never seen a more tolerant creature, and mollie isnt usualy tolerant at all really, but she lets the baby climb all over her and pull at the hairs on her snout and yank on her floppy little ears. when ever Bannana boo huggs her neck real real tight and mollie just leans into her and takes the abuse/love,.

we also started " babies can read" and im excited to see how that goes, and this weakend we are having a little party for her with the grandparents and then maybe a small bbq here at the house. to celebrate and then we will let her get into her first cake, we already ordered it. the commasairy didnt have much of a selection but we finialy picked somthing out and because it was her first birthday they throw in A FREE SMASH CAKE ! JUST FOR THE BABIES TO GET INTO !

soooo cute
i cant wait to take and then post some pics.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

what good is an instruction manual any way

i have decided regardless of how rude it seems . . . I'm going to start telling little fibs about my age . . . or just not tell people at all. i haven't decided, i just had my birthday last month and the husband keeps telling me its time he traded me in for a younger model , hardy harrrr~! hes soooo funny

hes getting pretty outdated himself . . . . . .


thankfully he has good genes and is handsome in a way that makes me think he will just get better looking with age. i on the other hand i truly do need to start taking better care of myself,
but enough about that .

my birthday present this year from him was a digital SLR camera that i have been wanting pretty much since my sister came to visit for my oldest daughters birthday, she had one and took beautiful pictures !!! they were amazing,ever since my oldest turned two she has been imposable to get a picture of. she wiggles around allot and cant sit still for more then a few seconds. a good picture of her has been tricky to come by. the last few years i have taken to finding local freelance photographers to come and take photos of her in her element, and it was worth it
and when my sister came i had dozens i loved them so much i had them all printed out and hung up right away. then i decided that if i had a camera like hers i could take amazing photos too, and so my dear darling husband and darling daughters got me one for my birthday!!!!!

i was sooo excited ! i have realized though that its gonna take some work ,. . . . the pictures i have taken are incredible but i feel like i haven't really gotten the hang of it yet with all the settings the camera has

it probably would be easier if i had a manual the camera i have came with one but he ordered it from some one off ebay it was brand new in an unopened box but i think the instructions are in Portuguese cause i cant read them or make since of them to save my life !

but i love my camera!

ill have to post some pictures here soon .

Friday, November 6, 2009

"Flippin' your fins you don't get too far"

i don't know little mermaid? i may have to disagree?
i get around alright on a set of wheels but i might trade em in for a set of fins.

lately i have been stuck on mermaids
it all started when i was decorating the house up a little bit and deciding that it would be a killer idea to do a nautical underwater/ sea life/mermaid theme in the hall bathroom
i was even thinking of painting little clown fish and things on the walls.
i was practicing trying to draw mermaids and their fins , i never took a life drawing class and I'm assuming i must not have a natural talent for drawing people cause when i try i cant ever get the forms right
so all i have are some paper doll/ stiff looking little merpeople drawn out . . . . with big elaborate swirly tails.
and then i got the idea to just look for art work of mermaids on
cause i can basically find art for just about any thing on there
and i came across a listing for some one selling water resistant custom made mermaid tails and suits in the listing there was a picture of a woman dressed as a mermaid and her fins were spectacular !!!!!
and the first thing i thought about was the city Weeki Wachee florida

when i was about . . . . 7 or 8? my mom took my sister and i too Weeki Wachee florida " home of the mermaids!" it was kinda like a state park / tourist trap . if u look them up u can read all about it.
it was there that i saw a real mermaid !!!!!!!

i was no dummy ! i knew mermaids weren't really real but when i saw this one i actually second guessed my self for writing off the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny so quickly.
she was amazing
and she was beautiful and had beautiful Finn's that she flipped around and she was sitting up on the dock and people were taking pictures of her, it looked like she had real seaweed in her hair she was stunning! not only was she stunning? she absolutely reeked of fish and salt water.
i guess they did it to make her seem more real. and boy she really did look real. the park also had other sorts of florida wild life but all i remember was the mermaid
and lately i have had them on the brain quite a bit
and they are my knew motif, i haven't gotten around to it yet but i plan on finally drawing a few. hopefully some will even make in on to the bathroom walls but i will keep u all posted when it happens

i wasnt able to find the seller on etsy. but i did find some very similar ones on a diffrnet site if u want to check them out i thought they were wayyyyyyyy cool

and here is Weeki Wachee
if i get a chance too i wan tto take my little angles there

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Me to a "T"


before sometime last month i had no idea what that was, until i was out running errands with a friend and she got a call from some one and started talking about some book called the "introvert advantage", and me never willing to allow the knowledge of anything pass me by (especially interesting sounding books) started asking some questions. mostly cause I'm nosey and cause i just like to know stuff
i learned allot
my good friend is a self proclaimed introvert, and i hadn't known then what that meant even though i had heard people use the word before. according to her introverts prefer to be away from crowds and people and in quite places reading a book or watching a movie . . . preferably at home and they don't really thrive in social settings or enjoy them they like one on one interaction, there idea of a good time is not where there is allot of people and they tend to keep to them selves. she gave me a pretty good description
and then she was telling me how there are introverts and extroverts and how extroverts are exactly the opposite! we discussed them and i decided that I am a extrovert ! nothing could have described my personality and who i am better than what i read about them ! it was awesome!!! enlightening?

here is a link

i really thought this was so cool

my Attention Deficit Disorder in the grown up world

this is my second blog . . . . it s kinda crazy now that i have started " blogging?" my sister keeps asking me if i have logged on or read her blogs or if i have gotten around to posting a new blog myself. NOW! all day long i have found my self trying to think of things i can share on here that people would like to read or i would like to Chronicle ? <----- is that the right word ? i think so i started this blog to talk about how flakey i am, how it really bothers me that I'm this way. and about the efforts i have began to take to correct it !
but i some how got distracted Surprise surprise !
SoOoOoO i am way flakey !!!!!!
I'm never on time, i cant ever decide what i want to do, i cancel or back out of commitments on a whim ! very strange and silly things over whelm and upset me
I'm emotional for no reason, some times i have left the house with out shoes on my feet! I'm for ever leaving the burners and oven on, sometime when boiling water i forget it and when i come back there is no water left in the pan or i leave the keys in the door,
i leave the milk out all the time. i for get to shave ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!! its not that I'm lazy or don't think i need to i just keep forgetting !!!!!
Gross right? i will go months with out doing laundry . . . my record it two . . . and I'm not proud.
things have melted in to my stove top cause when i turn on the broiler i forget to clear it . and some thing have actually it fire ! I'm a health risk . . . . but only in that way
really the only word that i know of for some one like me is flakey . . . . i guess u could use distractable (p.s. thats not a word) too but socially i think it would be some what fair to call me a flake , i have a pretty small vocabulary even though i am " quite bright". (hahaha. i sound like my teachers when i was in school)

i struggle alot with this. i think its cause when i was in . . . . . . i think 2nd grade they told me i had ADD (attention deficit disorder) , back then they had a hand full of books on it and a questionnaire u could fill out that would tell u if Ur child probably had it . . . . but I'm just guessing cause really i just know that the knowledge must have been limited cause growing up almost every where i went i felt pretty misunderstood till about 7th grade and even though my mother knew what it was and that i suffered from it she didn't really seem to understand ( WOe is Me ), in our town they had some learning centers or places u could take Ur kids too for "one on one educational interaction"<--- I'm not sure if that was what it was called but that's what i have decided to call it right now. oh and a few specialised schools ! <---- its my personal opinion that god must have sent angles to do work there for him sometimes. Oh and they had like two or three medications for ADD out at that time Ritalin and . . . . well maybe just that one? cause i feel like adderall came out later but Ritalin was some nasty stuff. from what i remember of being on it. i was like a zombie !

now a days u can look ADD up on google witch i just did :) and they have like whole web sites and associations, tons and tons of information <--- its funny cause i just discovered this ! cause for the first time EVER !!!!!!!!! i googled it !
i have decided for my self just now that it would have been more important and beneficial for me growing up if i was reminded and informed consistently (because i need that) that this was my issue not so i could use it as a crutch but so that i would be aware what my strong points were and my week points so i could develop ways to cope and adapt as i grew because TRUST ME !!!!!!!!!! it being difficult to pay attention in a class room setting is very different than it being hard to focus in life.
its a whole other Game out here !
i could give a ton of examples but ill save that for another blog
any who
i haven't been on medication in a long long time but i have decided that my health and family and my relationships with others have suffered enough because of what I'm pretty sure is my
i would like to have more control of my life than this and its time that i do cause this is my life and its a short one, i cant afford to make it any shorter or aquard or difficult that an already is

soooo hopefully in the next weak or so i will be going to see a dr. about getting back on some medication : )
and i am very excited about it

Sunday, November 1, 2009

New At This !

WOW ! THIS ! is EXCITING !!!!!!!!!
my very first brand new baby blog ! i had to name it and every thing !
welll im new at this sooooo this is gona be a short one . . . . my grammer is really bad and so is my spelling and i type faster than i can think sooooo there are usualy alot of typos and some times i dont get all my thoughts out befor i start a new thought . . . so this should be intresting

i decided to start this cause all my friends have one and im kinda a fallower, JK!
no i started it cause i had alot of blogs when i had a myspace and they were stupid and shallow and lame, and now my sister has turned me on too the whole thing and a few of our friends and my mother in law and sister in law and . . . . i think thats it

but any who !!!!!!!! here i am
im probly gona be pretty vauge on here for a while
but here i am blogging lol
im so excited !!!!!