Wednesday, November 11, 2009

baby bannanna Boo

OHHH my goodness! i can hardly bealive it ! my second child is a year old! its wild, i feel like im still getting to know her a little more every day!!!!
and now she is a whole year old
shes learning to clap, play peekaboo, point,and shes starting to vocalize . . . she talks and talks and talks you cant understand any thing she says but shes talking im sure . she plays with her big sister alot, and loves to get ahold of her "my little pony's". she isnt walking yet but she has a while to learn still . i will really have my hands full then.
she is practialy best friends with mollie our miniture schnauzer
and i have never seen a more tolerant creature, and mollie isnt usualy tolerant at all really, but she lets the baby climb all over her and pull at the hairs on her snout and yank on her floppy little ears. when ever Bannana boo huggs her neck real real tight and mollie just leans into her and takes the abuse/love,.

we also started " babies can read" and im excited to see how that goes, and this weakend we are having a little party for her with the grandparents and then maybe a small bbq here at the house. to celebrate and then we will let her get into her first cake, we already ordered it. the commasairy didnt have much of a selection but we finialy picked somthing out and because it was her first birthday they throw in A FREE SMASH CAKE ! JUST FOR THE BABIES TO GET INTO !

soooo cute
i cant wait to take and then post some pics.

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