Friday, November 6, 2009

"Flippin' your fins you don't get too far"

i don't know little mermaid? i may have to disagree?
i get around alright on a set of wheels but i might trade em in for a set of fins.

lately i have been stuck on mermaids
it all started when i was decorating the house up a little bit and deciding that it would be a killer idea to do a nautical underwater/ sea life/mermaid theme in the hall bathroom
i was even thinking of painting little clown fish and things on the walls.
i was practicing trying to draw mermaids and their fins , i never took a life drawing class and I'm assuming i must not have a natural talent for drawing people cause when i try i cant ever get the forms right
so all i have are some paper doll/ stiff looking little merpeople drawn out . . . . with big elaborate swirly tails.
and then i got the idea to just look for art work of mermaids on
cause i can basically find art for just about any thing on there
and i came across a listing for some one selling water resistant custom made mermaid tails and suits in the listing there was a picture of a woman dressed as a mermaid and her fins were spectacular !!!!!
and the first thing i thought about was the city Weeki Wachee florida

when i was about . . . . 7 or 8? my mom took my sister and i too Weeki Wachee florida " home of the mermaids!" it was kinda like a state park / tourist trap . if u look them up u can read all about it.
it was there that i saw a real mermaid !!!!!!!

i was no dummy ! i knew mermaids weren't really real but when i saw this one i actually second guessed my self for writing off the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny so quickly.
she was amazing
and she was beautiful and had beautiful Finn's that she flipped around and she was sitting up on the dock and people were taking pictures of her, it looked like she had real seaweed in her hair she was stunning! not only was she stunning? she absolutely reeked of fish and salt water.
i guess they did it to make her seem more real. and boy she really did look real. the park also had other sorts of florida wild life but all i remember was the mermaid
and lately i have had them on the brain quite a bit
and they are my knew motif, i haven't gotten around to it yet but i plan on finally drawing a few. hopefully some will even make in on to the bathroom walls but i will keep u all posted when it happens

i wasnt able to find the seller on etsy. but i did find some very similar ones on a diffrnet site if u want to check them out i thought they were wayyyyyyyy cool

and here is Weeki Wachee
if i get a chance too i wan tto take my little angles there


  1. i dont remember this trip at all... wth

  2. I love etsy... that's where I got the art for one of the walls in our bedroom!