Monday, November 23, 2009

it should be bad luck!

it should be decided it that it is BAD LUCK! to christmas shop befor thanksgiving . . .

but when i think about it . . . the only lucky people are the ones who get it all done befor black friday.

this weak i have done most of the groshrie shopping that will put us into most of next month. and i have done some light christmas shoping.

i mentioned once here in this blog that i have a sister who is quite a photo enthusiest? and a very talented on at that. well the thing about a creative itch ? is that loved ones like to help you scratch it. i figured she would like to maybe play with diffrent mediums in this area. at first i was trying to find her a fish eye lens to go on her camera or maybe one with a bit more zoom ? uhh unfortunitaly i cant afford that ! i cant even afford to want to do that. so i decided just to look for maybe a cool vintage camera . . . and i had no luck finding one decently priced that for sure i strated looking at reproductions and then fizzled out on that too cause a really intresting one was still gona set me back a bit . . . then !!!!!!!! out of total luck ! i found a girl on a garage sale site selling a "lot" of antique? vintage cameras ! PERFECT !!!!!! and she was selling 12-18 month baby girl clothes! could not have worked out better!!!! any who i wish i could post photos but i dont want to spoil the suprise for her to much

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  1. this is where i demand you write another post.