Sunday, November 1, 2009

New At This !

WOW ! THIS ! is EXCITING !!!!!!!!!
my very first brand new baby blog ! i had to name it and every thing !
welll im new at this sooooo this is gona be a short one . . . . my grammer is really bad and so is my spelling and i type faster than i can think sooooo there are usualy alot of typos and some times i dont get all my thoughts out befor i start a new thought . . . so this should be intresting

i decided to start this cause all my friends have one and im kinda a fallower, JK!
no i started it cause i had alot of blogs when i had a myspace and they were stupid and shallow and lame, and now my sister has turned me on too the whole thing and a few of our friends and my mother in law and sister in law and . . . . i think thats it

but any who !!!!!!!! here i am
im probly gona be pretty vauge on here for a while
but here i am blogging lol
im so excited !!!!!

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  1. yahooo i'm so excited! i thought i left a comment before, but i guess it didn't take? strange.