Tuesday, November 17, 2009

pwoc and occ <3 <3 <3

so today at PWOC, (a womans bible study i attend on the millitary post) we had our "program day". we sang our praise and worship songs chatted a little bit and then started our out reach project.

witch this year is !!!!!! OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD !!!!!! <-- i actualy think we do a few but this one is a favorite

its done by samaritans purse. http://www.samaritanspurse.org/

and if u go to the web site and check it out a little bit you will learn more.

i would go into detail but i doubt i would even do this cause any justice considering how many lifes its touched and the joy it has brought so many children and adults alike.

i have partisipated in operation christmas child befor mostly when i was younger and it was really alot of fun and somthing you could do with your kids to teach them about giving and what it does for others and what it does for you and how that relates to jesus his love for us.
any way after we were done and all out of things to fill the shoe boxes with there, some of us tool the boxes that were empty to fill them up if we wanted to by our selves with our famlies
my oldest daughter was soo excited when i brought the boxes home, we got right too going threw all sorts of stuff around the house that we havent used and then i went out yesterday and purchased a few more things than i had the day befor.

like unopend tooth brushes and tooth paste, little notebooks and boxes of crans and pens, stufft animals and playing cards, dollies, hair brushes stickers instrements, books socks gloves hats candy, <--- just a FEW examples. im really excited to go with gabby and drop our boxes off

not the best pic of our shoe boxes

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  1. those babies are INTENSE and filled to the brim.