Saturday, November 7, 2009

what good is an instruction manual any way

i have decided regardless of how rude it seems . . . I'm going to start telling little fibs about my age . . . or just not tell people at all. i haven't decided, i just had my birthday last month and the husband keeps telling me its time he traded me in for a younger model , hardy harrrr~! hes soooo funny

hes getting pretty outdated himself . . . . . .


thankfully he has good genes and is handsome in a way that makes me think he will just get better looking with age. i on the other hand i truly do need to start taking better care of myself,
but enough about that .

my birthday present this year from him was a digital SLR camera that i have been wanting pretty much since my sister came to visit for my oldest daughters birthday, she had one and took beautiful pictures !!! they were amazing,ever since my oldest turned two she has been imposable to get a picture of. she wiggles around allot and cant sit still for more then a few seconds. a good picture of her has been tricky to come by. the last few years i have taken to finding local freelance photographers to come and take photos of her in her element, and it was worth it
and when my sister came i had dozens i loved them so much i had them all printed out and hung up right away. then i decided that if i had a camera like hers i could take amazing photos too, and so my dear darling husband and darling daughters got me one for my birthday!!!!!

i was sooo excited ! i have realized though that its gonna take some work ,. . . . the pictures i have taken are incredible but i feel like i haven't really gotten the hang of it yet with all the settings the camera has

it probably would be easier if i had a manual the camera i have came with one but he ordered it from some one off ebay it was brand new in an unopened box but i think the instructions are in Portuguese cause i cant read them or make since of them to save my life !

but i love my camera!

ill have to post some pictures here soon .

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