Sunday, January 31, 2010

Its cold outside Ft.Bragg!!!

yesterday we had our first snow! witch quickly turned to ice.
but while it was early in the morning it was still snow. it was sooo exciting for the girls. i dressed them fed them and i took them out side right away. they played for about 20 minutes before Gabby ran off to her friends and Savannah got too cold so we went inside. later on we had the door open for the dogs and a little bird flew in the house . . . . it was a pretty exciting day. it snowed more last night but i think it was more of an icy snow. so i dressed the girls up one more time and let them out, its a tad warmer out today so Savannah rather enjoyed it and lasted a little longer outside so i was able to take some cute pictures of them.

it hardly ever snows here in this part of the state i don't think. the occasions that it does they shut down the whole military post and advise people via news and radio that they should stay home unless its an emergency. i suspect its cause the snow turns to ice so fast and because its like this so seldom that its not worth the investment to get a snow plow.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Army wife blues!

we have all recovered from a a 24 hour bug that we all got last weak but now the Scotty pooo has pneumonia :(

and is miserable. i have always heard about people getting that and that it was bad but i just thought it was like a really bad cold now I'm learning that its painful and exhausting. before we knew what it was he had not slept in two days and was just in SO SO much pain i just didn't know what to do. but once he finally went to the emergency room and they took their x-rays he was able to get on some antibiotics, and pain meds witch don't totally work cause once the pain medication wears off he just right back to being so so so uncomfortable. UhhhG!

Also the family that lives across the street from us and has been good friends with us since we moved in is finally moving on from here. her husband hit a snag in some training and they went from all the sudden having orders to Korea to all the sudden falling into a different opportunity that will have them returning home to their last duty station. however her husband will have to spend 9 months in training before he gets to be with them again. also its gonna be heart breaking to see them leave after how close we became with them theyes last two years. they were the first family we met and we were so blessed. when i got here i was just learning to be a wife and didn't have a clue how to be a military wife. i honestly don't think god could have given us a better neighbor, she helped me threw so much and was just such an example of a wife and mother. she watched gabby for me a lot and would always come over and ask if gabby wanted to go with them on their little outings , to pick strawberries or to the children's museum.
i honestly don't know what i will do with out them when they are gone. so many of the friends i have made here have come and gone and its still so hard to get use to, as soon as i find people and get close to them they leave or the ones i am closest to move away all the sudden.

i don't think i will ever really adjust to it.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hello 2010! i am excited to meet you


I'm very excited for it.

But just to let every one know


every year i tell myself that I'm gonna do this and then that and get all the shopping done before thanksgiving , get all the cards sent out and gifts before the second weak of December, none of it ever happens, in fact i have three boxes that have yet to be sent and at least three gift cards that never got put in with the Christmas cards. witch the majority of were sent out as last minute as could be because Scott was unable to make it to the post office till Christmas ever or maybe it was even Christmas day ?

i am so embarrassed !!! this happened last year too.

i love my husband but there are certain things that i believe certain men should just not be left responsible for. in our house that certain man should not be left to purchase any ones Christmas gift but mine nor should he be left to do any of the holiday decision making other than where we will be spending it and who it will be with cause that's the big major thing any way so i will leave the major things to him ! :)

Scott has been busy with his new interest in hunting and then an expanded interest in fire arms and reloading. sadly he didn't catch any thing cause he was helping me a fair amount before the Dear season ended,

also because its a new year i have made some resolutions ?

1.) get healthy
2.) give up soda and soft drinks
3.) be more loving and respectful to my husband.
4.) get to Church on time
5.) read to gabby every night
6.) learn and master a second language . . . . . or just start learning one
7.) get organized and un-cluttered