Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hello 2010! i am excited to meet you


I'm very excited for it.

But just to let every one know


every year i tell myself that I'm gonna do this and then that and get all the shopping done before thanksgiving , get all the cards sent out and gifts before the second weak of December, none of it ever happens, in fact i have three boxes that have yet to be sent and at least three gift cards that never got put in with the Christmas cards. witch the majority of were sent out as last minute as could be because Scott was unable to make it to the post office till Christmas ever or maybe it was even Christmas day ?

i am so embarrassed !!! this happened last year too.

i love my husband but there are certain things that i believe certain men should just not be left responsible for. in our house that certain man should not be left to purchase any ones Christmas gift but mine nor should he be left to do any of the holiday decision making other than where we will be spending it and who it will be with cause that's the big major thing any way so i will leave the major things to him ! :)

Scott has been busy with his new interest in hunting and then an expanded interest in fire arms and reloading. sadly he didn't catch any thing cause he was helping me a fair amount before the Dear season ended,

also because its a new year i have made some resolutions ?

1.) get healthy
2.) give up soda and soft drinks
3.) be more loving and respectful to my husband.
4.) get to Church on time
5.) read to gabby every night
6.) learn and master a second language . . . . . or just start learning one
7.) get organized and un-cluttered

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