Sunday, January 31, 2010

Its cold outside Ft.Bragg!!!

yesterday we had our first snow! witch quickly turned to ice.
but while it was early in the morning it was still snow. it was sooo exciting for the girls. i dressed them fed them and i took them out side right away. they played for about 20 minutes before Gabby ran off to her friends and Savannah got too cold so we went inside. later on we had the door open for the dogs and a little bird flew in the house . . . . it was a pretty exciting day. it snowed more last night but i think it was more of an icy snow. so i dressed the girls up one more time and let them out, its a tad warmer out today so Savannah rather enjoyed it and lasted a little longer outside so i was able to take some cute pictures of them.

it hardly ever snows here in this part of the state i don't think. the occasions that it does they shut down the whole military post and advise people via news and radio that they should stay home unless its an emergency. i suspect its cause the snow turns to ice so fast and because its like this so seldom that its not worth the investment to get a snow plow.

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