Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Valentines day and The small powers of prayer

OH my goodness!

so we finally got our lap top fixed and now i am able to blog again.

i could have done it from the desktop but all the sudden it stopped letting me . . . something about cookies?

looks like Scott will have to work on that later

so FEBRUARY! alright, last month was awesome and scary for us. we finally made some sort of decision as a family about Scott's career and what direction to take. he had to stop with the progress he was making in the Q-course as a result of some other choices he had made and so we had just been waiting to see if he could pick that back up. turns out u cant! u have to actually go some where for 6-9 months before they will even think of re admitting u. BOOOOOO! that means we have been sitting on our buts and procrastinating for just short of a year. so we decided to get the ball rolling with Scott reenlisting. and then trying to get orders. . . . we got some we didn't like witch actually forced us to decide for real what we wanted.

its crazy too cause in my bible study this weak we discussed the difference between allowing god to guide us in the path he wants us to take threw constant prayer and request for direction and guidance threw him Vs. just coasting along and Hoping that were ever u land it were god wants u to be.and have ever YOU decided to handle it is how things should be done.

that was kind of where Scott and i were up until recently. I think that he and i had pretty much been like "wow, there is a good amount of options and choices we need to make and we don't have a clue what to do, so lets sit around and wait for something to fall into our lap! and hopefully it will be what god wants. yeah, not such a spectacular idea we didn't really even sit and pray about it . . . we talked about praying about it but never actually did anything.

but things worked out . . . . .
hopefully soon Scott will be in a new unit and doing what he enjoys, and we should be getting a bonus soon but ya never know with the army. the only draw back is that Scott will most likely deploy. Also we were offered a bigger home in higher enlisted housing and its fully ADA ! meaning its fully handicap assessable. at first i was kinda a worried that we might not like the area and sad that we would be leaving this one but the amenity's and new house are awesome and we decided it would be stupid to pass it up. considering scott may deploy soon

v day was awesome i got up and made pink chocolate chip pan cakes and bacon and eggs and fresh cut straw berries, then for lunch we had hot pressed Turkey, ham and cheese samwitches, and for dinner i made chicken di-van in a heart shaped casserole dish . . . (((every time i use it tell Scott that what ever i make has allot of love in it !!!!!! HAHAHA I'm a corn ball!))) then i made a chocolate dip mixture for desert with bananas and more strawberries, i was wondering when the husband was gonna do something romantic cause usually he has something pretty good up his sleeve . . . and it was getting later and later . . . then !

at nine o clock at night !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i got an edible arrangement. lol or WE got it rather. after a whole day of eating chocolate and strawberries i get EVEN MORE !

it was over whelming and Gabrielle loved every moment of valentines day. from the first pink chocolate chip pancake down to her last chocolate covered strawberry and pineapple slice she had a excellent day of stuffing her little four year old face with all sorts of treats. lol i wish i had gotten more pictures

. this is about what it looked like

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