Monday, April 19, 2010

accessible gardening!

i love plants and i love to grown things but because i don't have the upper body strength to throw my self out of my chair every time i want to plant something in the dirt i have resorted to container gardens. but even still I'm left buying oodles of plastic pots that just get sun bleached and start to fall apart. two years ago i had a really nice little garden going in containers till a pack of three pups got board and decided to lay waist to them ! it was not a pretty sight ! and i was pretty sad.
and i had done some research and it looked like raised flower beds were the way to go but i didn't know any one who could build me some. then mid Summer last year Scott was looking for a new hobby and invested in a bunch of wood working tools and saws and things that he found at a garage sale. basically it was some guys entire work shop he was looking to sell cause he was getting older and just didn't have the time any more.
i hadn't even thought about the tools and Scott had not even gotten around to using them.
THEN ! this year i decided i wanted to try it again after i saw some strawberry plants for sale at Lowe's. i decided what i needed was a table to do all my growing on. it would have to be high enough off the ground that my dogs would not be able to dig it up and just the right height that i would not be practialy falling out of my chair just to plant something.
what i needed were flower beds that were raised up on legs!( i think they have a name for this) and i told Scott my idea and drew him a little sketch and then he researched some plans for it and found them here :)
and then he finally built me mine this weekend !!!!!
MY idea was much more simple and allot less thought out but this was a good one too!
it really looks like a nicely constructed piece of work !
i just cant wait to start filling it up and planting in it !!!!!!! :)


  1. I'm so jealous! I need one of these too! Thanks for the link... now I'm going to have to go talk to Daniel! =D

  2. hahah i love the picture of the kids sitting in it. so funny. it looks awesome, though! scott did a good job dang!