Thursday, April 8, 2010

i love new stuff!

we are just now getting settled into our new home, and i have hired a personal organizer to help me along the way, Scott and i are big clutter bugs and things were getting so bad at the old house. i just could not relax EVER. so we decided some expensive measures needed to be taken. we are always talking about doing thinks and it always turns out to just kinda be a nice idea and nothing ever gets fallowed threw on.

well now we really really really are decluttering! and taking it seriously. we love the new house they have moved us into. its soooo nice, with big high ceilings, really large rooms, huge bathrooms! and we want it to stay that way and try to keep it simple this go around. things aren't working out as we had hoped for the CA job Scott thought he was getting orders for. but god is in control and if he wants us someplace else than we will go where it looks like we NEED To be. right now its still pretty unclear where that is.

in the mean time we are just happy to not have to move again so soon.

also since we have moved into the new hos i have gone and looked at some interior paint colors, and we will hopefully be getting a new dining room table and hopefully a new couch some time soon. exciting !

they will be actualy mostlikey be used cause im mostly looking on list for them but they will be new to me !!!!!!!!! i also got a really cute wicker patio set for the fount porch off craigslist recently and im quite pleased with it :)

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