Wednesday, May 19, 2010

adventures in mid march !

this time of year seems to be very busy !!!!!!!!! Scott and i have hit another snag and things as usual are going slower than expected as far as his career goes.

Mothers day was awesome i got a beautiful opal and turquoise bracelet from Scott and the girls. our garden is coming along nicely ! i have moved a few things around cause Mollie kept getting INTO the planter boxes and dug up and re dispersed my seeds. . . . so now instead of lettuce and spinach we are now growing strawberries, peas,and cucumbers . . . . if they don't decided to fail on me.
i have also been trying to make different kinds of breads! i got one of thoughs cooking stones from pampered chef and i got right to attempting my own pizza crust. it didn't turn out as good as i had hoped.

but it was fun and the kids had a good time with the dough so i decided to try making raisin bread the next day . . . . . one loaf i burned badly and the other . . . . I'm not sure how it turned out cause i took it over to a friends . . . it didn't look as burned so at the very least should have been better than the first. hopefully with a little practice i will get better. i wish i had taken pics.

picture of our container garden and hows its coming along ok its one pic from a strange angle . . . . ill post better ones in the next blog maybe

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