Friday, May 21, 2010

patio sets: some come and some go

i want to say good by to our first little patio set i purchased before Scott and i got married and served us well in setting our little front porch apart from every one Else on our old street. it got put on the curb Thursday and it will be missed but it was calling apart and i have no idea how to restore stuff like that.

HELLO!!!! wild wicker!
this is the new set that i meant to take a picture of a few Weeks back . . . . i still have to re paint it and maybe sew new covers for the cushions . . . not sure yet if i will leave it the way it is


  1. I love both of them!!! I wish I was at the same post as you and could have taken the old one off your hands, its pretty!

  2. thanks ! it wasnt ment for the out doors but it looked really goon on our porch and it had a over hang so the eliments? didnt get to it too bad