Monday, May 24, 2010

tea time !

Scott and i just in the last year really got into drinking tea. we had been mostly soda milk and juice drinkers and i drank bottled watter

then when we first moved here and we met that Martinez family. on my first visit i was really surprised to go over there and then be offered tea. i was thinking " what the heck , isn't tea for little old southern ladies and people born in the 17 century?" <--- i didn't say that out loud of course. any who since then i have been to a few tea parties and coffee's and tried a few different types of tea and i like it. its become a little bit of a ritual in our house too right now Scott and i are kinda hung up on Yogi bedtime tea. ITS AWESOME !

also just recently . . . . like today !!!!!!!!! i saw a post on a friends page about this place <----- i must go there !


  1. You can go to their website and send tea to a friend for free. =)

  2. lol all i drink is water,coffee,hot tea,milk and juice. i cant have beer and soda i get uti's from certain drinks so i just dont drink then i lost a lot of weight cutting out soda! its the best thing i ever did!