Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Misserable little Crabs Cramp my style

they really really do ?
uhg ! blog more later :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Chili bread bowl fiasco

the husband finally arrived at his new unit this past weak!
hes working longer days and actually having to do a bit more than he had been previously . . . . well as far as being an NCO goes any way.
his duties before were pretty much see guys in a clinic and treat them then do some paper work. his new unit is gearing up for a deployment and working regular hours the same as everybody else. sooo with that being said he has started to do mandatory PT and is getting home later and wanting dinner earlier then he just showers and goes to bed . . . . my poor hubby! <---( jk, its tough but he can handle it! i just feel bad cause i know i couldn't! )
any who so now that I'm trying to make more elaborate meals at more regular times i have been trying allot of new stuff . . . . my regular menu has been expanded!!!! due to some Inspiration ! from another blogger and I'm feeling more adventurous in the kitchen!!!
this last weak i thought i would try a few new things. i make a AWESOME black bean soup/stew and i figured i should try and do a home made chili.( <---- i had decided i would make a beef stew to go with the bread bowl first but changed my mind) and because i have been trying to experiment with bread making i thought i would pair that with a bread bowl ! it seemed easy enough ! i had seen a snip on either the food network or some place on You tube where some one had taken frozen dough loaves and basically thawed them out rolled them into a ball and baked them and cut out the inside. i already know how to make bread dough ! EASY PEASY RIGHT !?!?!?!?!
so one afternoon this past weak i started to make the dough and out of no where it got hot and overcast !!!! not a good mix when u are making bread <---- or so i have read ! and i also added my salf and yeast pretty close to eachother <--- anouther thing i heard is bad.
my dough did not rise!!!!!!!!! i waited all afternoon and all night . . .. NOTHING !
it got late and my husband got hungry so i scraped the whole idea for the night and just made something else . i think it was chicken. but i saved my dough and stuffed it in the fridge and the next morning set it near a sunny window. it took all day but my bread finally rose late that after noon! so i separated it and rolled it into balls and set my oven to bake . . . . . . then the power went out ! mid bake ! AGAIN ! <----( it has happened twice this weak) it came back on a little later but I'm pretty sure too much damage had been done. my bread bowls baked and fluffed up nice but the first three little balls i put in didn't turn out . they were kinda gummy and crumbly on the inside and fell all apaert when i cut them . . . the second batch turned out ok . . . but there were only two of them big enough to really put a good portion of chili in. so the girls had chicken nuggets
any who . . . . here are some pics

my oldest daughter was helping me do some last minute kneading before we tired to let it rise. this is her favorite part btw.

MY CHILI !!!!!!!!!
YUMMMMMM !!!! it was good !
if Ur wondering what i used
the recipe :
1 diced bell pepper
1 diced onion
1 can of diced tomatoes
1 can of whole corn
2 cans of red kidney beans
1 roast slow cooked and shredded <---- cant remember the lbs. but it measured out about four cups worth when cut an d shredded
2 table spoons minced garlic
1 can tomato sauce
salt and pepper to taste
1 table spoon chili powder
1 cup bbq sauce
and a cup of water<--- lol i just threw it in there not sure if there are any kinda culinary rules to making chili.
i stuck it all in a pot and cooked it for an hour or so. most recipes i looked up were about the same they involved corn,beans,meat,onions, tomato sauce some sort of pepper and chili powder. in a pot !

Friday, June 25, 2010

Pageants and Pride !

Any one who knows me knows that i love being the mother of two little girls. i could not imagine a better set up. i thought for a long long time that i wanted JUST little boys and i still would like some . . . at some point !
But for me growing up nothing excited me more than pink and purple, tutus, sparkles and jewelery,pretty dresses, princess stuff and tiaras! and the more ornate and fancy the better ! glitter and rhinestones and construction paper hearts and rainbows and ribbons. i loves it all!!!
so having my first two children be little girls is perfect !
So i decided that i wanted to try and put the girls in Pageants. the natural kind so far not the glitz kind.
we did our first one two months ago and i really really enjoyed it!!! getting the dress putting together her outfit. doing her hair and dressing her up. she was a little nervous but then she started to warm up. she won a crown and a sash and a few other prizes and it was really allot of fun . . . for her and I anyway . i brought Scott along and that was the biggest mistake ever !!!!!!!!!!!! he hated it. they had to have it in kinda a small room so even though there wasn't a bunch of girls it was still really hectic and he just wasn't pleased with it at all. So if we ever do any more we wont be taking Daddy!
there is another one coming up and I'm trying to decide what to put her in for the patriotic theme. shes looking forward too it to. when we asked her what her favorite part was. She was like WHEN I GOT MY CROWN !

now im off to browse Ebay and online fabric stores for dress and outfit ideas
the next one is red white and blue theme and im still trying to find somthing patriotic

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sweet suprises of onpost housing

Nothing is better than owning Ur own home . . . when we moved here we didn't know how long we would be at Bragg . the husband was gonna finish the SF course and then we would be on our way so we opted to stay on post.
Plus they gave us really nice housing.
i always wonder about the families who lived in the houses before us . . . how they used the space . . . if they liked the out doors and how they made Housing a home
when we moved in to the house we are in now i noticed a few plants in the flower bed out frount one of witch was the biggest LAVENDER PLANT i had ever seen ! and right next to it was a small Thyme shrub. i also noticed what looked like little sprouts for marigolds and sure enough i left them alone and they just started to bloom!!!!
when u sit on the porch and the wind blows just right u get a whole whiff of lavender its sooo strong i love it !!!! we dont know any thing about the people who lived here befor us but i truly aprechate her taste in plants ! ;)
every time the stalks get long enough i go out and cut a few bunches, tie them up and hang and stashed them aroudn the house. they go great in sock and under where drawers and and closets and in the car.
a few weaks ago Jackson saw me leaning over the bush and decided to stick his whole face in it t see what i was doing that had all my attention
when i was petting him later that night i could still smell the lavender on his fur

My attempt @ the sparkle wall paint

you cant tell from this angle really but that's the basic color of her room.
ill get a close up . . . ehhh
Ok u cant see it very well in these photos but in person u can for sure see it. My friends had mentioned a product val spar makes that's basically glitter that u pour into Ur paint and then paint the walls with. of course me being who I am, I decided that I NEED TO DO THIS FOR MY GIRLS WHEN WE GET TO THE NEW HOUSE !!!!!!
well I poked around online and started looking into different blogs and read up in a few fourms all the different ideas people had, then I looked at pictures. but it seemed the best examples of what i was going for came with no formal instructions or HOW TOs. Also Val spare didnt sell the type of glitter that i Invisioned when I pictured "Glitter infused paint" So I decided I would just kinda test out all the ways that seemed the most practical
1. was blowing glitter on to the walls while the paint was still wet and tacky
2. mix the glitter into the paint. and then apply to walls
3. get a can of spray glitter and just spray all over the walls.
. . . . . i think there were a few others
blowing the glitter on the walls was too tedious
and mixing it into the paint looked like it could only be done with a certain products (ones i did not know of) and u didn't know for sure how much of the sparkle you would really get. the last one was a fabulous idea but that glitter spray paint only comes in a few colors and the smell seems like it would kill allot of brain cells and if nothing Else give u a killer migraine while u were waiting the two Weeks for the smell to dissipate. Pluss u would need a good bit of it to cover a whole room.
what i did was go to HOBBY LOBBY buy a few vials of very fine opalescent glitter in a few hues and then tested it out my self.
first we tried mixing it . . . . the paint just covered the glitter on the walls . . . then we tried blowing it on . . . . looked great but i couldn't get an even disbursement of glitter/ it was a pain in the butt / and it got glitter every where and was messy
i remembered one idea that i had thought of that made total sense in the beginning . . . but i didn't think to use because. no one else had suggested it and i figured that it just wasn't an option. IT INVOLVED MIXING GLAZE !!!!!!!! a clear glaze that normally you would mix with Ur paint to add certain effects . . . like when you apply different types of Faux finishes.
we finished paining the walls completely!!! the color that i wanted
and then i took my vials of glitter and dumped them into the can of glaze and mixed well and then rolled onto the walls . . . . . IT WORKED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i didn't get quite as much sparkle as i would have LOVED to get but it was just right plus me an d the friend who had helped me paint were so tired. i wasn't even gonna think about doing a second coat that day and i kinda like it the way it is.
i don't remember the name of the products i used but its key to get glaze that is clear and not tinted. ours looked white when we oped it but it dries clear and kinda makes the color of the walls look a little lighter but not for long.
i would recommend getting glitter from here
Martha Stewart sells probably the biggest containers of ultra fine glitter i have seen in stores but i couldn't find the opalescent.
any who there are my pics . . . . now maybe some one else will be looking for ideas an d stumble across my blog

Friday, June 11, 2010



late yesterday afternoon our Dog Jackson opened up our front door and ran out with with our other dog Mollie. its not unusual for that to happen cause where we live kids are constantly opening our back gate an d letting them escape but we usually leave the front door locked . normally they always come back but i would worry about them the entire time and just pray they would make it home safe.

around 9 ish last night Scott got a call and left the house. i assumed it was to pick the dogs up because some one found them.

he was gone a really long time and i started to worry

so i called and called and he didn't answer. finally he picked up and said that some one called him about Jackson and that he had been hit by a car.

i thought i was going to throw up. i asked if he was dead and Scott said yes but he was alive for a little while longer when he got there. i was devastated

he told me he would be on his way home soon and that we needed to decided what we wanted to tell our daughter. not to mention our other dog had not come back yet and we didn't know if maybe she had seen what had happened. or maybe got hit also. she came home early this morning. so we were very glad that she was safe but she had obviously been traumatized because she was whimpering an d crying threw the hole house.

when Scott finally came home we sat down and had a big cry fest together and i just was a mess. my husband said that he had been alive but was in so much pain his spine was broken and he was just whimpering and crying. he and the man who found him loaded him into the truck an d scott began calling vet offices to see if any thing could be done. it broke his heart he said cause Jackson would just keep trying to get up to be closer to him and would scream and yelp till scott eventually positioned him with his head in his lap and talked to him while waiting for the vet. scott said the vet pretty much said that there wasn't any thing he could do and that it was up to him if he wanted to bring him in to be put down or if he wanted to just wait it out, my husband then just pet him and rubbed him and then eventually he felt him stop breathing . it was awful but he said that he was so grateful that he was there with him and that he didn't have to just die alone on the side of the road.

Jackson was an amazing dog. we got him from the pound when he was about 10 Weeks old. it was such a fluke. we had been looking to get a dog and saw a pictures of some Australian Shepard and went to go see if it was still available . we went in and he was but it just wasn't meant to be. so i went back to look as the rest of the dogs and started in the small dogs section. there were lots of adorable fat little puppies licking and pawing threw the bars of the kennels. i looked at a few of them and then saw a cage further down the row with a black little figure in the back just sitting there. not getting much attention from an one else. i tried to get his attention and he came forward a little bit and gave me a lick threw the bars. he seemed pretty mellow. and he was fat and fluffy and looked like a bear cub. so we adopted him!

i remembered my uncle had told me when he had picked out his favorite dog. he was looking into a litter of wiggly little black puppies and pointed to the one that was just sitting there too fat to move and acting real calm when all the others were biting ,fighting and jumping up in the pin. he obviously chose the Little fat one who was the first Jackson .my uncle at that point in time had just been in a horrible motorcycle accident and wasn't really getting around too good so if he had a dog he wanted it to be a puppy that he could catch and wasn't gonna be inclined to run off and never come back. so i decided that this fluffy, shy, quite little pup was just the little bear cub for us! we adopted him . and then a weak later picked up our little pound puppy from the vet. and named him Jackson in memory of my uncles dog who was on e o f the most amazing animals i had even seen. plus this dog looked an awful lot like him too.

Our Jackson was perfect ! he fit right in and was the best behaved dog i have ever owned . he could sit, stay, shake, lay down. he lie in a bed like a person and always put his hed up on the pillow and he would just walk up to me and set his sweet little face right in my lap when ever he wanted a good hug or love.. he just wanted to be with us. he never bit the kids he was right at home with the smaller ones and all he ever wanted in the whole world when we lived next to a playground was to run out and play with the kids on it. he slept in our oldest daughters bed and would wake us all up right on time in the morning and once when our house was broken into he scared scared whe ever it was that was trying to get in. he got along with every one. and he loved to play fetch. he could open doors for himself. he was just the best and most beautiful dog ever. and so so smart.

there will be a hole in our lives where he fit that we never be filled by any other pet. Jackson our love we will miss dearly.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The silly things that somtimes God does provide.

i wish this could be one of thoughs things where i could tell you a heard felt story of prayer and how god anwsered and it would just move u to the core and make u smill but its probly not. soo because im working on getting our house set up and organized i decided that if it was broken torn stained or just laying around not being used it needed to go . . . . one of thoughs things was my couch. my husbadn addopted a husky puppy a while back and it eight the whole side of what had been a fairly new and very nice immitation leather couch. so sad . . . . .i patched it with some black ducktape an d that helped but it had to go . . . . .i dont want to keep t orn up garbage stuff im my live anymore . . . . so i decided i needed a new one and then i started praying about it . . . and then i started looking . . . and praying and looking . . . they hade a nice one at bullard furniture here in fayetteville it was a black leather sectional with a sleaper sofa.<----- exactly what i wanted but it was $1500 buckaRoos! the Boss man was NOT going to be happy about that . so i prayed some more . . and watched craigs list then prayed again and then watched. I thought about setteling for some of the leather and microfiber two toned sofa sectionals that i was seeing every where and then i prayed some more and just about gave up . . . . when BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! some one lists the same sectional i was looking at. black leather with a sleaper sofa and recliners!!!!!!!! on CRAIGSLIST !!!!!!! for $400. in almost perfect condition . . the mattrice still even had the plastic on it from the previous owners.

now its sitting in my living room . . . . i think god may have anwsered this one to teach me a small leasson though cause it dosent really fit . . . its huge and we have to sit it in there at a funny angle. <------ thats what i get for wanting! its making my TV look like a speck !
but im happy with it just they same
now i just need to get to praying about the diningroom table. right now its just a folding table with a table cloth.
lol ill try to be more modest in my requests for this one Lord. I SWEAR !

Friday, June 4, 2010

bread machine supprise !!!!!!!!!!

a little more than two and a half years ago when i finally moved out of my moms house she and my Abu (grandma) loaded just about every thing they could fit into my moving van . . . it came to a point where i had to BEGG them to stop . . .needless to stay i never recovered from the inherited clutter ! until recently anyway. i was throwing away ashtrays and tacky orange Tupperware (<--- the real stuff ! the kind they got from parties in the 70s ) and a ice cream maker that i am sure my mom acquired when i was 4!!!!and among the annoying little treasures and trash was a bread machine! i cant remember how long she had it but i know she only used it twice and it was when my dad was alive (he passed when i was 12. that's just some perspective of the time she had it and never used it cause I'm in my early 20's now) .

i didn't want the thing when she gave it to me!!!! it sat under the sink in our old house from the day we moved in till the day we moved out and i never touched it!!!!!!
i even tried to give it away to a friend who sweetly kept saying " are u sure u wont use it, you might really like it " to which i responded ! " heck, what do i need that for i wont use it i have two hands and my stand mixer and an oven if i ever want to make bread !!!" she didn't try to take it with her when she went home either. so it came to the new house with us and i thought about selling it on craigslist cause i was sure i could at least maybe make 15-20 bucks on it ? or i could have turfed it back on my friend and just dropped it off at her house so she couldn't avoid accepting it.
the husband then said i should probably make sure it works before i get rid of it. i put that off for a few Weeks and then today i decided to plug it in and skim threw the manual. it seemed too simple to just add the ingredients and then press start!
so i stared with a white bread recipe that was in the book it came with. i just threw the ingredients in as directed and then i waited for about 2 and a half almost three hours and decided to check it out . i opened the lit . . . . it looked like bread ? and it smelled like bread . so i pulled it put and cut into it and then tried a piece . . . . . . IT WAS AWESOME ! lol A REVELATION !
im keeping keeping the bread machine and now I'm SO sooo glad that i didn't get rid of it!!!!!!!!!!!

in fact I'm gonna keep it out so that i can use it all the time and just use the bread from that for our samwiches ! they put SO many additives in breads that come from the store these days its kinda scary .
plus this tasted way better any way !!!!!!!!