Friday, June 4, 2010

bread machine supprise !!!!!!!!!!

a little more than two and a half years ago when i finally moved out of my moms house she and my Abu (grandma) loaded just about every thing they could fit into my moving van . . . it came to a point where i had to BEGG them to stop . . .needless to stay i never recovered from the inherited clutter ! until recently anyway. i was throwing away ashtrays and tacky orange Tupperware (<--- the real stuff ! the kind they got from parties in the 70s ) and a ice cream maker that i am sure my mom acquired when i was 4!!!!and among the annoying little treasures and trash was a bread machine! i cant remember how long she had it but i know she only used it twice and it was when my dad was alive (he passed when i was 12. that's just some perspective of the time she had it and never used it cause I'm in my early 20's now) .

i didn't want the thing when she gave it to me!!!! it sat under the sink in our old house from the day we moved in till the day we moved out and i never touched it!!!!!!
i even tried to give it away to a friend who sweetly kept saying " are u sure u wont use it, you might really like it " to which i responded ! " heck, what do i need that for i wont use it i have two hands and my stand mixer and an oven if i ever want to make bread !!!" she didn't try to take it with her when she went home either. so it came to the new house with us and i thought about selling it on craigslist cause i was sure i could at least maybe make 15-20 bucks on it ? or i could have turfed it back on my friend and just dropped it off at her house so she couldn't avoid accepting it.
the husband then said i should probably make sure it works before i get rid of it. i put that off for a few Weeks and then today i decided to plug it in and skim threw the manual. it seemed too simple to just add the ingredients and then press start!
so i stared with a white bread recipe that was in the book it came with. i just threw the ingredients in as directed and then i waited for about 2 and a half almost three hours and decided to check it out . i opened the lit . . . . it looked like bread ? and it smelled like bread . so i pulled it put and cut into it and then tried a piece . . . . . . IT WAS AWESOME ! lol A REVELATION !
im keeping keeping the bread machine and now I'm SO sooo glad that i didn't get rid of it!!!!!!!!!!!

in fact I'm gonna keep it out so that i can use it all the time and just use the bread from that for our samwiches ! they put SO many additives in breads that come from the store these days its kinda scary .
plus this tasted way better any way !!!!!!!!

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