Sunday, June 13, 2010

My attempt @ the sparkle wall paint

you cant tell from this angle really but that's the basic color of her room.
ill get a close up . . . ehhh
Ok u cant see it very well in these photos but in person u can for sure see it. My friends had mentioned a product val spar makes that's basically glitter that u pour into Ur paint and then paint the walls with. of course me being who I am, I decided that I NEED TO DO THIS FOR MY GIRLS WHEN WE GET TO THE NEW HOUSE !!!!!!
well I poked around online and started looking into different blogs and read up in a few fourms all the different ideas people had, then I looked at pictures. but it seemed the best examples of what i was going for came with no formal instructions or HOW TOs. Also Val spare didnt sell the type of glitter that i Invisioned when I pictured "Glitter infused paint" So I decided I would just kinda test out all the ways that seemed the most practical
1. was blowing glitter on to the walls while the paint was still wet and tacky
2. mix the glitter into the paint. and then apply to walls
3. get a can of spray glitter and just spray all over the walls.
. . . . . i think there were a few others
blowing the glitter on the walls was too tedious
and mixing it into the paint looked like it could only be done with a certain products (ones i did not know of) and u didn't know for sure how much of the sparkle you would really get. the last one was a fabulous idea but that glitter spray paint only comes in a few colors and the smell seems like it would kill allot of brain cells and if nothing Else give u a killer migraine while u were waiting the two Weeks for the smell to dissipate. Pluss u would need a good bit of it to cover a whole room.
what i did was go to HOBBY LOBBY buy a few vials of very fine opalescent glitter in a few hues and then tested it out my self.
first we tried mixing it . . . . the paint just covered the glitter on the walls . . . then we tried blowing it on . . . . looked great but i couldn't get an even disbursement of glitter/ it was a pain in the butt / and it got glitter every where and was messy
i remembered one idea that i had thought of that made total sense in the beginning . . . but i didn't think to use because. no one else had suggested it and i figured that it just wasn't an option. IT INVOLVED MIXING GLAZE !!!!!!!! a clear glaze that normally you would mix with Ur paint to add certain effects . . . like when you apply different types of Faux finishes.
we finished paining the walls completely!!! the color that i wanted
and then i took my vials of glitter and dumped them into the can of glaze and mixed well and then rolled onto the walls . . . . . IT WORKED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i didn't get quite as much sparkle as i would have LOVED to get but it was just right plus me an d the friend who had helped me paint were so tired. i wasn't even gonna think about doing a second coat that day and i kinda like it the way it is.
i don't remember the name of the products i used but its key to get glaze that is clear and not tinted. ours looked white when we oped it but it dries clear and kinda makes the color of the walls look a little lighter but not for long.
i would recommend getting glitter from here
Martha Stewart sells probably the biggest containers of ultra fine glitter i have seen in stores but i couldn't find the opalescent.
any who there are my pics . . . . now maybe some one else will be looking for ideas an d stumble across my blog


  1. lol i had that glitter glaze wall paint from crayola when i was in high school. i had painted clouds on my wall like the whole room was the sky. and glow in the dark paint on the ceiling.

  2. Hi - I just stumbled on your blog when I was looking for ideas to paint my daughter's room. I just bought a can of glaze and I'm gonna try your glitter idea! Her room is lilac and it needs a little sparkle. Thanks for sharing your experiments and success!

  3. It looks really awesome, I think that today many people like sparkle pain, as it looks really nice.

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  4. Hello! I just stumbled across your blog when I did a search for glitter paint. I LOVE how your daughter's room turned out! Can you give me a ballpark on the number of vials needed (the size of the ones you linked to) for a quart of glaze? I can't wait to try this!
    Thank you!

  5. when it was all done did the color under the glaze stay lighter or go back to the color you had it?

  6. I love what you've done, It looks great. I was just wondering how much glitter did you use?

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  8. Awe, Too Bad you didn't hear about Girly Me Glitter Wall Paint The Bling is awesome.

    1. I really wish i was aware of your product at the time of my little experiment too ;) now that I know I can pass on the knowlage of your product to my not so DIY friends, after i posted this in 2010, a few other very similure products have been put on the market, its a pretty rad concept. im reactiviating this blog as well and going in some diffrent directions.

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  12. I've just read all the notes on and I'm now pretty confused. Can someone please tell me what I need to add glitter to a ceiling in a small foyer. My idea is to paint this room in a flat grey paint, everything including the ceiling where I'd like to add the glitter. I've read that you can add glitter to Elmer's White school glue which is a lot cheaper than ModPodge which was ALSO recommended. I've read that both of these dry clear which will allow the glitter to show through. Someone else mentioned a clear glaze but I have no idea what that would be (?) or how it would compare in price to the before mentioned products. Is there a special glitter that must be used to any of the above glues/glaze? Another question arises: how to apply the clue/glaze, a brush or a roller? One more: is using flat latex paint OK? If not, then what? I need HELP, HELP, HELP!! Contact me at for your solutions and ideas. THANKS

  13. I think I might try this. Can you tell me how much glitter you mixed into how much glaze? Also when she gets older and we have to repaint how hard is it to get rid of?

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