Friday, June 25, 2010

Pageants and Pride !

Any one who knows me knows that i love being the mother of two little girls. i could not imagine a better set up. i thought for a long long time that i wanted JUST little boys and i still would like some . . . at some point !
But for me growing up nothing excited me more than pink and purple, tutus, sparkles and jewelery,pretty dresses, princess stuff and tiaras! and the more ornate and fancy the better ! glitter and rhinestones and construction paper hearts and rainbows and ribbons. i loves it all!!!
so having my first two children be little girls is perfect !
So i decided that i wanted to try and put the girls in Pageants. the natural kind so far not the glitz kind.
we did our first one two months ago and i really really enjoyed it!!! getting the dress putting together her outfit. doing her hair and dressing her up. she was a little nervous but then she started to warm up. she won a crown and a sash and a few other prizes and it was really allot of fun . . . for her and I anyway . i brought Scott along and that was the biggest mistake ever !!!!!!!!!!!! he hated it. they had to have it in kinda a small room so even though there wasn't a bunch of girls it was still really hectic and he just wasn't pleased with it at all. So if we ever do any more we wont be taking Daddy!
there is another one coming up and I'm trying to decide what to put her in for the patriotic theme. shes looking forward too it to. when we asked her what her favorite part was. She was like WHEN I GOT MY CROWN !

now im off to browse Ebay and online fabric stores for dress and outfit ideas
the next one is red white and blue theme and im still trying to find somthing patriotic

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