Thursday, June 10, 2010

The silly things that somtimes God does provide.

i wish this could be one of thoughs things where i could tell you a heard felt story of prayer and how god anwsered and it would just move u to the core and make u smill but its probly not. soo because im working on getting our house set up and organized i decided that if it was broken torn stained or just laying around not being used it needed to go . . . . one of thoughs things was my couch. my husbadn addopted a husky puppy a while back and it eight the whole side of what had been a fairly new and very nice immitation leather couch. so sad . . . . .i patched it with some black ducktape an d that helped but it had to go . . . . .i dont want to keep t orn up garbage stuff im my live anymore . . . . so i decided i needed a new one and then i started praying about it . . . and then i started looking . . . and praying and looking . . . they hade a nice one at bullard furniture here in fayetteville it was a black leather sectional with a sleaper sofa.<----- exactly what i wanted but it was $1500 buckaRoos! the Boss man was NOT going to be happy about that . so i prayed some more . . and watched craigs list then prayed again and then watched. I thought about setteling for some of the leather and microfiber two toned sofa sectionals that i was seeing every where and then i prayed some more and just about gave up . . . . when BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! some one lists the same sectional i was looking at. black leather with a sleaper sofa and recliners!!!!!!!! on CRAIGSLIST !!!!!!! for $400. in almost perfect condition . . the mattrice still even had the plastic on it from the previous owners.

now its sitting in my living room . . . . i think god may have anwsered this one to teach me a small leasson though cause it dosent really fit . . . its huge and we have to sit it in there at a funny angle. <------ thats what i get for wanting! its making my TV look like a speck !
but im happy with it just they same
now i just need to get to praying about the diningroom table. right now its just a folding table with a table cloth.
lol ill try to be more modest in my requests for this one Lord. I SWEAR !

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