Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sweet suprises of onpost housing

Nothing is better than owning Ur own home . . . when we moved here we didn't know how long we would be at Bragg . the husband was gonna finish the SF course and then we would be on our way so we opted to stay on post.
Plus they gave us really nice housing.
i always wonder about the families who lived in the houses before us . . . how they used the space . . . if they liked the out doors and how they made Housing a home
when we moved in to the house we are in now i noticed a few plants in the flower bed out frount one of witch was the biggest LAVENDER PLANT i had ever seen ! and right next to it was a small Thyme shrub. i also noticed what looked like little sprouts for marigolds and sure enough i left them alone and they just started to bloom!!!!
when u sit on the porch and the wind blows just right u get a whole whiff of lavender its sooo strong i love it !!!! we dont know any thing about the people who lived here befor us but i truly aprechate her taste in plants ! ;)
every time the stalks get long enough i go out and cut a few bunches, tie them up and hang and stashed them aroudn the house. they go great in sock and under where drawers and and closets and in the car.
a few weaks ago Jackson saw me leaning over the bush and decided to stick his whole face in it t see what i was doing that had all my attention
when i was petting him later that night i could still smell the lavender on his fur

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