Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Doodles 5th!

my little dip n dot is going to be turning 5 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am a good ways away but i was trying to think what i would do for her bday. theys last few weaks .... i like things to come togeather and be compleat and look nice ... and of course me being me i get way over my head with my ideas.

this year the dilemma is who to invite. the place i am having her party at only does groups of 16 or 25 and i really cant afford any more than the 16. yet still Gabrielle's friends are coming out of the wood work . .. i had no idea she had so many !!!!!!!!!

we are doing strawberry shortcake theme and i just ran to party city to pick up the supplies and every thing for the goodie bags. .. . i was hoping that this year i would be able to get her a custom cake but it looks like we will be doing a sheet cake from the store instead...last year my idea for a custom cake was an EPIC failure !!! the girl i found on Craig's list delivered a cake that was hardly bigger than a coke can and was suppose to feed 15 hungry parents and kids! it was a beautiful cake ! but not worth what she was asking i even had to go out and get a sheet cake for the guests and then just leave the other for just family. it wasn't very tasty even still .... then i was thinking i would do the same thing this year and looked up strawberry short cake cakes and local cake makers and did a bit more research first . . . . . sadly though because of the budget we will not be getting a custom cake. But here are some pics of ones i was looking at

<------ this pic cracks me up cause its like some small some one came over and picked the little greed fondant balls off of the bottom of it .

i probably should and most likely will at some point insert the links of where i found theyes.
i have orderd little straw berry goodie bags to for the girls and i don't know what to do for the boys. I'm worried they might get jealous but i didn't figure that any of the boys would want a purse.

<----- CUTE RIGHT !!!!!!!!!!! i just hope they aren't real real big . . . cause that would get very obvious.

also on etsy i saw theyes cute !!!!! little sugar cookies that were iced to look like straw berries ADORABLE!!!! but since the husband keeps his eyes on the bank account like a hawk! ill probably just try and make them my self. if they turn out to ugly to use he can get gorge himself on ugly red and green sugar cookies all day . . . so its a win win situation.

I'm so excited for Gabrielle ! shes thrilled we just spent the last little bit of time right before bed putting the goodie bags together for the girls and then the boys. even Savannah clambered up onto the table and tried to help. what she wasn't trying to keep for her self she helped drop into the bags before i tied them up.<--- so cute an d then first thing thismornign gabrielle woke me up and asked if she could take the invitations to her friends ... i dont know all their names yet or how to spell them all . .. so i still have to write that part out.

Also anouther thing i noticed was that strawberry shortcake keeps getting work done and changing her look a few years ago when we started buying strawberry shortcake stuff i noticed she looked very diffrent from the one i knew as a kid . . . and even in the last few years shes taken on a whole new style. or styles ? Marketing is crazy isnt it?

this it her today------->

crazy huh ? any who well i have to get off this think and go give the people at the party place a down payment. Gabrielle always says they are different girls ! mom its a NEW girl who's plays strawberry short cake.

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  1. aww so cute! i want to take a cake decorating class at micheals one day!