Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Fort Bragg 4th

Our Fourth of July was sooo fun!!!!
we went to parade field and got there just in time to do some of the things over at kiddy land where they had 7 or so bounce houses for the kids to play on. got some food at one of the booths and then sat down to wait for the rest of the events . . .we watched the cannons part of the concerts, the orchestra, and the golden knights preform ( the Army Parachute Team) :) the girls really got a kick out of that. and then Scott got us all packed up and as close as he could to where we parked. we watched the fire worlds then he rushed us to the car. it was a mess getting when we went a few years ago so we wanted to be prepared.. . . . we live 5 minutes away from where the event was being held and despite his best efforts it still took us 45 minutes to get home. but in all it was a very fun day and night ! :)
they gave away free krispy creams and some other stuff and some people went all out and set up tents tables and little grills. maybe we will do that next year. our youngest had a great time running over to every ones blankets and playing with their kids and meeting every one. it was hot but there was still enough of a breeze out that it wasn't too uncomfortable
it was a perfect day
we ran into some friends and people who live close to us too and some of Gabrielle's friends from school. but i didn't get any pics of them or my self cause kids run to fast and cause if I'm not taking pics WHO WILL!???

BTW the dress Gabrielle is wearing ? i designed it. and my friend Lara put it together for me . . . its a few embellishments short but in a few more Weeks she will wear it in a pageant :)

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