Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Better hurry up and blog befor the month is out

in just a few ahort hours the first day of school will start for fort bragg
and Doodle will be starting her first day of kindergarden

i dont think that i will cry but im sure i will be full of emotions of some sort. expecialy when i take on all the other last minute moms for the last few bits of school supplise i neglected to go last weak. . . i just kept puttin g it off an d putting it off.
well tomarrow after orientation i will be busey as a bee!

im sooo excited for Gab and nervouse. i know she will have alot of fun but the one thing that worries me is that we have suspected that for some time now that she may have ADD
and that scares me cause i know how much of a challange it has been for me to live with. and some teachers DONT care! so i have promised my self i will be very involved !!

wish us luck i have to be there early early !

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