Saturday, September 25, 2010

what im reading right now

its been a while since i have gotten to stop and take time to read. i really miss it. i read allot of articles and news and blogs on the web and watch allot of that BOOK TV so i have been adding alot of titles to my list but i havent gotten a chance to get to them.. then just yesterday i was browsing a FB fan page page and the moderator mentioned

"The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands" by Dr. Laura Schlessinger. she asked if any one had read it and what they thought?

i read over what some people in that group thought, most of it was nothing about the book just a bunch of Crabs trying to say like " oh just from the title it sounds stupid" and "that changing Ur self for Ur spouse is stupid", " its not an equal marriage" yada yada, word vomit. all i could think to me self was yeah Ill probably read that !!!!! but i hadn't made a plan to actually go out and get it.

but then last night i was stranded Old Navy witch happened to be right next to a Barns n Noble so i picked up a copy! along with a few others!

and I'm really looking forward to it!

right now the only books i have been getting acquainted with are the bible and " Hope for the home front!" the one from my pwoc bible study ; ) <---- i don't know if i think the book is good but i love the study!

while i was there i also got that love languages book!

and then "Searching For god knows what!" by Donald miller. <---- one of the ones my sister recommended . shes been raving about that author FOR MONTHS ! probably closer to a year but who's counting?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

what to do? with our Use it or Lose it days!

soooo we are trying to figure out what to do with our use it or lose it days !
the husbands ideas are
1.) go to Florida and pretend to be tourists !
2.) finish setting up the house and get all our ducks in a row!!! (the house is pretty much set up but we need a new dining room table cause right now we are using a plastic folding table ? and we need to organise his gun/ hunting and reloading equipment , take a load of stuff to the thrift store on post. also try set up the garage so he can actually use it as a shop ! and i need to clean out my closet!
I'm leaning more towards going to Florida.
he really wants to check out the new harry potter addition at Universal but he really wont have any one to ride the rides with :(
i I'm thinking maybe a trip to DC ?
Idk ! its soooo tricky !
maybe one of our friends will go down there with us !

Friday, September 10, 2010

Labor day! 2010!

I'm a few days behind with every blog i post ! and i just wanted to post a few pics and a brush up on what we did this past weekend.
the husband had off Friday ( and of course monday too)and i assumed Doodle would have off school as well. Around 9 am i realized i was wrong ! she was way late at that point but i took her anyway. then later that night we threw together some plans to fallow the Smith family to Myrtle Beach!
so we left Friday night, arrived late, got a hotel and then in the morning switched hotels, because the first wasn't quite what we expected. i think both of our families were expecting something different. and while the first hotel wasn't very accessible i had allot more clearance in the room than i did in the next hotel. i was kinda thinking we would stay in a resort? and it was a resort just not the kind i was expecting. we got breakfast and hit the pool after the second check in. the girls loved it!!! i don't think Savannah had ever even been in a pool but she couldn't get enough !!! this last weekend the Carolina coast had been expecting a hurricane but it just blew right over that area i guess so it was beautiful pretty much the entire time we were there !!! and the beach was busy but not too crowded.
while we were there we checked out the Ripley's Aquarium ( and then eat at Hard Rock Cafe. then the next day we went to the beach and to "Dolly Parton Dixie Stampede ( witch was really entertaining! once again the girls were thrilled to death ! Savannah stood in her high chair the hole time !!! threw out the whole experience she squealed, clapped,pointed and cried "Whoooooooow " they didn't allow cameras in there or i would have taken a hundred pictures !
during our time spent back at the hotel i didn't get to go in the water or in the ocean at all . I'm self conscious,aquard and clumsy with my transfers and my chair is a pain to push threw sand . so i couldn't expect Scott to try to get me in the ocean. the life guards brought a beach chair out for me but i was told " You can take it right up to the edge but we ask that you don't take it out into the water" so basically it was just easier for people to push me around witch was REALLY great too but next time I'm gonna have to look into some different things.
also while we were down there i worked the hell out of our military discount! (for future reference all Ripley museums give you 75% off with a active duty military ID). it doesn't sound like we really did much once i put it all down but it sure felt like we did. I'm still recovering from the trip ! but it was allot of fun and so worth it! You only live once right? Scott i know had fun too!
being from central Florida the myrtle Beach area didn't really have anything that we didn't have back home or hadn't seed before but it was still really awesome! we don't get a chance to really do things like that as a family and for sure not since we have been married it was def a weekend i will remember an d hopefully i took enough pics that the girls will too! :)

the Girls after a long long day of fun in the sun!!!! they looked pooped!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Grass Green !

i had been putting off painting the living room for a while.
mostly because scott didnt seem all too thrilled at the amount of work and because i didnt feel comfortable asking any one to take on a job that large for free.
but then the Missionaries stopped by, and kept offering to help . . . .sooooo
i let them ! most of the missionaries have been very polight and theyes two are expecialy adorablehere is a pic of one of them painting
and then this one isnt a missonary but he sure is ADORABLE !!!!!!!! and SEXY !!!!! hahahaha -------->it was great to finally have that work done and the living room looks great they really did a great job. they even moved all the furniture back when they were done. Scott wouldn't even do that! and they cleaned out the paint treys and left them on the porch . . . . only about 2 hours after they left i opened the door to call doodle out of the rain and saw four small children and two paint rollers and this !!!!!!!!!!!
two dropped paint rollers and ran and gabby was just like " what ?" while another cried "It wasn't my idea!!!!" i NOW have a green drive way !!!!!!!!!!! it looks awful!!!!!! i don't even know what will take it up with out eating away at the sidewalk. so it look s like mother nature is just gona have to do her work