Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Grass Green !

i had been putting off painting the living room for a while.
mostly because scott didnt seem all too thrilled at the amount of work and because i didnt feel comfortable asking any one to take on a job that large for free.
but then the Missionaries stopped by, and kept offering to help . . . .sooooo
i let them ! most of the missionaries have been very polight and theyes two are expecialy adorablehere is a pic of one of them painting
and then this one isnt a missonary but he sure is ADORABLE !!!!!!!! and SEXY !!!!! hahahaha -------->it was great to finally have that work done and the living room looks great they really did a great job. they even moved all the furniture back when they were done. Scott wouldn't even do that! and they cleaned out the paint treys and left them on the porch . . . . only about 2 hours after they left i opened the door to call doodle out of the rain and saw four small children and two paint rollers and this !!!!!!!!!!!
two dropped paint rollers and ran and gabby was just like " what ?" while another cried "It wasn't my idea!!!!" i NOW have a green drive way !!!!!!!!!!! it looks awful!!!!!! i don't even know what will take it up with out eating away at the sidewalk. so it look s like mother nature is just gona have to do her work

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