Saturday, September 25, 2010

what im reading right now

its been a while since i have gotten to stop and take time to read. i really miss it. i read allot of articles and news and blogs on the web and watch allot of that BOOK TV so i have been adding alot of titles to my list but i havent gotten a chance to get to them.. then just yesterday i was browsing a FB fan page page and the moderator mentioned

"The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands" by Dr. Laura Schlessinger. she asked if any one had read it and what they thought?

i read over what some people in that group thought, most of it was nothing about the book just a bunch of Crabs trying to say like " oh just from the title it sounds stupid" and "that changing Ur self for Ur spouse is stupid", " its not an equal marriage" yada yada, word vomit. all i could think to me self was yeah Ill probably read that !!!!! but i hadn't made a plan to actually go out and get it.

but then last night i was stranded Old Navy witch happened to be right next to a Barns n Noble so i picked up a copy! along with a few others!

and I'm really looking forward to it!

right now the only books i have been getting acquainted with are the bible and " Hope for the home front!" the one from my pwoc bible study ; ) <---- i don't know if i think the book is good but i love the study!

while i was there i also got that love languages book!

and then "Searching For god knows what!" by Donald miller. <---- one of the ones my sister recommended . shes been raving about that author FOR MONTHS ! probably closer to a year but who's counting?


  1. I LOVED the 5 Love Languages!!! Holy Cow, it is a great book. What better reason to change yourself than to be a better spouse for your husband. You can change yourself, but not someone else. Congrats on some great book choices!! Have your husband take the test in the back too, and it will give alot more purpose to the book. You can really concentrate on those chapters!! I did a semi-review on my page under a tab at the top.

  2. its soo funny i have heard sooo mcuh about that book i feel like i dont need to read it but at the same time i totaly know that im missing out !