Thursday, October 21, 2010

I love the Bragg and Barn !

On the military post where we live there is a very small but very busy thrift store/ consignments shop. any time I'm looking for a random sort of bake wear or appliance i check there first. or if I'm just looking for an Odd or and END ? cause they usually have some . i also just like to go and look when I'm bored after bible study. on two separate occasions i have in gone and come home with some dish sets . . . not that i need ANY !! but i like nice and more unique sets and i like to pick up random tea cups for my girls and their friends to have tea parties with.

any who i was in there the other day looking for a JUICER when i found a small set of dishes ! with some cute cute cups for 15$

they had a few chips and it wasn't a complete set but i thought they were just so charming ! i was planing to let Doodle have them but now i have changed my mind. i think I'm going to try to find a few more pieces and keep the set for my self. Sorry Kid <3>


  1. love them! wish we had some vintage stores here!

  2. this one isnt even vintage, the officers club owns it and they use it to raise money for things like Fisher house, and make donations to the library or books and lot of other things . . . and its a consinment shop as well. im kicking my self for having not grabbed up a really nice rolling pin when i was there. . . . . uhg the one i have now is awfull!