Monday, October 18, 2010

pumpkin gooey

so being that its fall and i pretty much love every thing food wise in relation to this time of year i decided try to make Paula Deans pumpkin gooey cake.

a few years ago when i Was pregnant with doodle went went to her restaurant in Savannah, and i had some of the Gooey cake then but never even thought about making it till i saw some one raving about the pumpkin version someplace else online!

i wanted to take pictures of the whole process but I'm not too sure where i put my camera and the husband didn't want to let me barrow his. he says i have Eulg= glue spelled backwards and rather than glue things together it makes them come apart . . . he watches too much Phineas & Ferb. any way i just got pictures of the end product . it wasn't till i put it in that oven that i started looking on the web site at other photos of the finished product that i realized i must have done something wrong or the original recipe could have used a few more details and about a STICK less butter. cause it was almost too sweet and a mess to eat
you can get the recipe here :

I actually left the last stick of butter out of the top filling and when i baked it i let it sit for a bit before i cut into it, the way i had remembered it tasting was like a brown sugar like soft, cake like brownie? and this was more of a cookie/cake bar with two different textured layers. the bottom part of the cake mixture was more of like a crust or cookie and the top was more like a pumpkin pie? it was good but i recommend playing with it some. every one really liked it more than i thought they would. so im going to try to make it into a bar type treat and send it to work with the husband. how ever there is a good chance he wont share it and will eat it all by himself so i might just drop it off


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