Friday, October 15, 2010

We went to Florida! it was two weaks ago and im just now blogging about it!


We used daddy's left over leave days , and headed down kinda last minute to surprise visit my mom and to finally see Florida the way tourists do, we almost stayed in a hotel ! but then didn't, and we decided to stay with my mom. witch was good cause that saved us allot of money!!!!!

we looked around some online for rates and hotel availability any way, and i think next time we might check out the shades of green resort cause they charge by rank and claim to be fully accessible for the disabled. that's something we look for and like ALLOT!

DAY ONE : the Magic Kingdom!

it was a weekday! cant remember witch but i was glad we did it!

before we left i was researching what all we would do and i had it in my head that we would go see every princess! have tea! eat at Cinderella's table and check out the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

then the boss man butted in and said " NO, first we are just going to do the park and check out the rides! and . . . . . that was what we did.

my camera didn't leave my bag till just before the fire works. and we saw almost the whole park!!!! and to my surprise i realized when we got there, i had never been to the magic kingdom in the fall! EVEN WORSE !!!!! i had never been to Mickeys not so scary Halloween party !!!!!!! that just so happened would be going on while we were there ! and they would be having military appreciation night!!!! WE GOT TICKETS !!!!!!! and ill get to that later ;)

DAY TWO: Islands of adventure! @ Universal!!!!

we were going to meet up with the duke's family but there was a mix up with the repurchased tickets they got so we went to Islands of adventure at universal while they went to Hollywood studios . . . but WE GOT TO SEE THE NEW HARRY POTTER PARK! and if you were wondering? YES, IT WAS FANTASTIC!!!! while we were in the wizzarding world of harry potter we got the every flavor beans and we all eat some, its gross! but the best part of that little experience i think is actually getting a nasty one ! i had to convince the husband to do it and then when he finally did he got two nasty ones. one right after the other. i couldn't go on any rides in that part of the park. but the good people at IOA made up for it with how awesome and detailed that part of the park was and the fact that through out the rest of the park a good number of the rides and attractions were wheelchair accessible!!!!! :) the girls were both good sports for the most part considering they didn't get a break between two full days of theme parks. we had a few situations while daddy was in line for a ride an d i was waiting on the outside where i thought to myself i was DONE having kids, just because Savannah was sooo cranky and tired but as soon as Scott we done with the ride she was completely passed out and slept threw pretty much every thing else after that point.

DAY THREE : we went to sea world,

not my most favorite park i still love it mostly because of the animals. it wasn't crowded at all and it was very low key! plus its free for military. we got to feed some dolphins ! and Tabby got to see lots of one of her favorite things in the world, FISH ! it was beautiful out and i got lots of good pictures

DAY FOUR: Bibbidi bobbidi boutique, and Mickey's not so scary halloween party.

we took most the day off to relaxa then we had a late lunch at rainforest cafe and headed over to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, cause i made an appointment for gabby ! then after? off we went to Mickey's not so scary Halloween party !!!!!!!!!

Savannah at that point made an entrance ! they told us they only do girls three an d up so i didnt make an appointment for her. but while gabby was getting her make over Daddy was off picking out a dress for his other little princess!
this whole experiance was soo awesome and special to me! scott had swore up and down that we werent gona do this then he finialy decided we would, and when we went for a simple princess package he changed his mind and went all out for the dresses and shoes and every thing and basicaly spared no expence. also he was covered in glitter the dresses and gabby make over for the lext few days. I love my husband !

DAY FIVE : hang out all day with my mom and the kids and do nothing!!!!


We had an awesome time and loved it ! but it was soooo good to be home.

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