Monday, December 27, 2010

inlaw Invasion!!!!! lol jk

no really my in laws are wonderful people.
i came from a very small-ish family. i was raised with just my sister. and for most of my life i only had one parent. so its really refreshing when i see large or larger families together all at once. especially my husbands. they are SO different from many of the people i grew up knowing. and its nice to see how god has worked in them and how awesome of an example he has made of them as a family.

my husband is due to deploy sometime in the next month. we knew it would be coming but for security reasons we were never givin an exact date or time frame. so dates have to be flexible and our schedule is never set instone and sometimes we have to make plans that can change very quickly or don't make plans at all. basically every thing is just a nice thought when it comes to dates and times. so this opportunity for them all to come out was truly a blessing. especially this time of year.

here are a few pics.;)

looks like a nice family photo yeah ???
now to see their silly side !

this is actually about right ;)

the visit was allot of fun.
Scott got to go shooting with his brothers. and do some other top secret man stuff.( I'm saying that mostly cause i cant remember what they did) it had been a while since he had been able to be with all of them and i had never gotten to meet his older brother. so that was nice.

then his parents and sister came.His youngest brother left and then his older brother got to go home and be with his wife. and at some point Jesse ( his younger brother) decided to scare every one to death the day before Christmas eve and get in a BAD car accident. bus some how was able to get discharged from the hospital and like a crazy person got on a plane and flew the how ever many hours to North Carolina again to spend Christmas day with us!!!! with two badly sprained ankles and a few freshly stapled lacerations
hes insane and i don't think he cares who knows it.
any who Christmas was lovely and I'm so so thankful for my husband and his family.

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