Monday, April 25, 2011

My handsome and wonderful husband left for his first deployment (since we have been married) back in January and if I'm not swamped with trying to get things done it has been a adventure in doing things on my own !!!! I'm not really complaining cause its not that any of its hard it just involves a bit of problem solving. . . . .I'm a paraplegic and have been since august of 06 and this has been the first time i will be completely on my own and by my self since my accident.
thankfully we are also military and live in Base housing that has completely been modified to meet all my needs and then some. but really the hardest part isn't doing house work or keeping things clean its in being there for my kids!!!! where there was once two parents there is now one and emotionally as well as physically i only able to spread my self sooo far. i have only two hands and i need them to be at the beckoned call of the demands of two very energetic people. but any WHO!!!!!!!!!!!

i miss him lots !!!!!!

thats him and our kids ... he missed the heck out of them!

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