Monday, May 2, 2011


i had thought i would post more pictures of the girls in their dresses but i didn't get many so i will have to take some of them in them later on.

but this is what the bunny brought them. its a small almost unspoken tradition for what the bunny puts in the basket and what we get for Easter and i have tried to do that every year that we have had kids.
the list goes:

chocolate bunny
package peeps <--- the chick ones

a movie
a constructive toy or craft.
and more chocolate !!!!

last year he brought us princess and the frog and this year he brought us tangled and a vegie tale movie.

after the baskets we got ready and went to church and then headed back home for an egg hunt on out street ! it was very cute !!!!! a few ladys organized it and it was a nice little treat but i think many famlies contributed the eggs. it was really nice.

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