Monday, July 18, 2011

Sweet R&R

well now that its summer i have been trying to think of things i can do with my girls. we caught a break cause at the start of the summer the husband came home for two weeks during R&R. it was allot of fun! we didn't have a whole lot planned cause we just wanted to sit and stay in nc and enjoy each other. i on the other had was under the impression that every second would be filled with "family time" and "wife and husband alone time". it had not occurred to me that he might need to relax and do nothing. So relax he did!!!! ... at first i was a little brat about it cause after 6 long months all i wanted to do was hang out with him and do all the stuff we hand't been able to do since he was gone and just fill every moment with activity and SCHEDULED down time. so i was a little put out at first. bless his heart, he did want to hang out with us but he really just wanted to hang out with us and do nothing. I love my husband and i know that god picked up perfect for eachother. but we are polar oppisits in sooo many ways. Im a die hard extrovert and he is a total introvert. We have the little ones so we compromised kinda. we did go to the childrens museum in raleigh. Marbles!!!! that place is fun even if you are an adult !!!! they have all sorts of "hands on" fun. two stories to be exact! We also checked out the North carolina zoo in Asheboro nc. and BTW i want to go out of my way and say is kinda cool if you live close by and your only form of getting around is not a manual wheelchair? for me it was a tad bit HELLISH ! it was nice! the place was clean the animals were cool but we went on a summer week day and every thing in the park other than the attractions and animal pins were closed so when we ran out of a beverage we had to use the hot water fountains. and when we were hungry not a single place was open to get a hot dog or anything. just vending machines that my husband thought were way over priced! and that was it. but it was nice . . . had i gone with an eletric wheel chair, packed a lunch, and gone when the weather was nicer than i think we would have loved it. the drive up there i think was what i liked best you drive threw an area that if im not mistaken is kinda at the bottom of a mountain range and so you drive up threw hills and woods and little old towns where every thing is green and beautiful, and had a beautiful rustic charm. even the little trailer yards were so freaking quaint i could hardly stand it! there are little pottery shops and studios every few miles so charming it would be worth it just to go up there and stay the night or camp someplace or stay in a cottage or B&B but not to do the zoo again. also while he was home he took the girls for short little walks threw the woods close by the house and then got them a sprinkler for the yard and threw that out in the yard for the little ones to play in. they were so glad to have him home and our youngest especially. it was really sad when he had to leave again but every one keeps saying "at least the next time he comes home it will be for good!" little optimists! i guess its one of the bitter sweet things that come with sharing you life with and loving some one who serves in the military. ill probably be saying the exact same words to some other wife a few years from now.

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