Thursday, July 21, 2011

Toad prince!

the night before last me and my girls all slept in the living room . . . . its kinda of become a regular thing. and i kinda like it cause i get a good work out in the morning getting up and into my chair. SOOO ANYWAY! they got up yesterday morning before i did.they let the dogs out and decided to play in the back yard! WHILE I TRIED TO PRY MY SELF AWAY FROM MY PILLOWS AND BLANKETS! then a few moments later they came running in flapping their arms and talking about how they found a frog and the dogs were trying to chase it and eat it. my eyes were still closed while she asked me for some thing to save it with. i don't remember answering her really but about 15 minutes later i opened my eyes again and there was a dark creature hopping around in a mason jar just a few inches from my face and two little children chirping and cooing for me to look at what they caught. it was a very healthy sized TOAD! and two of the most excited little children peering in at it with the biggest smiles on their faces! they were so thrilled! its moments like this that were the reason i decided to have a family. kids are so amazing and so fun. i loved being a kid and i love experiencing things with mine. i love watching them take in every thing. kids are so cool and magical and exciting.

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