Monday, January 7, 2013

too long

its been over a year since i have posted a blog . . . . im very dissapointed that i wasnt able to fallow up. unfortunatly i was in the hospital most of last year.after my husband returned home from iraq i was pretty much emeditaly hospitilized and stayed that way off and on. not sure if i mentioned it befor but im a paraplaigic. and i had developed a pressure ulser that had gotten quite nasty and even after months in the hospital it had tunneled down to the bone and i was very very sick. i probably lost close to 35 lbs. but dont worry i gained it back. so now im trying to take care of my self and my family a little better. in the last year my husband has returned from a deployment and a dear family friend was killed in afganistan, i had some close friends betray me and even better friends, move away. but ill post more about that later. its curently january of 2013 and i never thought i would make it here, it is by the grace of god that i have and he has blessed me threw all our trials.

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